Disciple-Making Culture

Cultivate Thriving Disciple-Makers Throughout Your Church
Brandon Guindon (Author)

May 28, 2020



Disciple-Making Culture inspires us to develop disciples and brilliantly shows us how to do it.

Dave Ferguson, Author of Hero Maker

If you want to grow in your understanding of a disciple-making culture, you need to read this book.

Jim Putman, Lead Pastor, Real Life Ministries, Post Falls, Idaho

Every church leader should read this book.

Bobby Harrington, Point Leader, and



Church leaders who focus on programs, strategy, and curriculum can easily miss what ties them all together: culture. Cultivating culture is the difference between churches who flourish and those who flounder at disciple-making. Leaders must cultivate a healthy disciple-making culture. But how?

Author Brandon Guindon’s book Disciple-Making Culture provides a how-to guide for cultivating a healthy disciple-making culture throughout your church. He walks readers through key components of healthy culture, which he has uncovered over the course of his more than twenty years of disciple-making in various contexts. Using time-tested principles, he answers a challenging question: “How do we actually live out the Great Commission—as a church?”

Learn a relational method for making disciples at your church that is built upon how Jesus and the early church made disciples. Gain the tools needed to transform your church’s culture. Walk away with a reproducible model that’s been successfully implemented by thriving disciple-making churches around the world. Allow the pages of Scripture to become not only words—but also real-life experiences.

About the Author

BRANDON GUINDON is the lead pastor of Real Life Ministries Texas. He holds a master’s degree in church leadership and New Testament theology from Hope International University. He is the author of Stay the Course and co-author of Real-Life Discipleship Training Manual, and he serves on the board of directors of the Relational Discipleship Network.


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  • Page count: 200
  • Trim size: 5.5 x .57 x 8.5 inches
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Neil Parks

Much needed

Rowlie Hutton

The release of Brandon's book could not have been more timely. The Church needs to be aggressively making Disciples during this time of uncertainty. Brandon is the "real deal" and he provides proven steps to creating a Disciple Making Culture. Get this book into the hands of your leadership-and all those you are presently discipling.

Justin Jordan

Brandon is able to bring clarity to a discipleship conversation that is often grossly misunderstood or at best fuzzy and like an enigma. This resource will help bring confidence to your leadership and life as a disciple maker.

Rich Teske

Define. Frame. Live. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Brandon Guindon clearly guides us to important questions for and practical steps toward establishing a disciple-making culture in a church or ministry organization. It is vital to know what a disciple is but it's also vital to be able to create a culture in which disciples are made in community. Without a relational disciple-making culture, our efforts may be short circuited by another culture that may pre-exist or may be adopted from the various experiences and backgrounds of the people of our congregation. If you're looking for practical suggestions, experienced guidance and real stories of what it looks like to establish a disciple-making culture, look here. Ministers, elders, deacons, ministry leaders can all benefit from the stories and insights Brandon shares with us through these pages.

Gary Luedecke

This book is a must read for the church at large, but especially for senior leaders of churches. Brandon Guindon does not leave things in the abstract, but he offers practical, real-life stories to help solidify the concepts he offers. As with most of my interactions with Brandon, this book offers very simple concepts, not straying from the basics. He has a way of offering you something you already know, and you feel as if you just discovered it today. If you take these four key components and organize your life around them, you will find a long-lasting impact. After all, that is what Jesus did. And if you are leading a church, and you organize your life around these four key components, your church will begin to embrace the disciple-making culture you are leading them toward. It is simple, but it is not easy. In the end, just as Brandon has discovered, it is worth every but of the difficulty along the way because it is what Jesus told us to do and modeled for us.

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