First Freedoms

Drawing Near to God by Cultivating a Wholehearted Prayer Life
Jennifer Barnett (Author)

October 20, 2021



All who read this will be inspired and challenged to cultivate a deeper prayer life and walk with Jesus.
Dr. Darren Whitehead, senior pastor, Church of the City, Franklin, TN

Deeply profound yet wonderfully practical. … My life, ministry, and church family have been forever shaped and blessed by the realities that Jen puts forth in this book.
Dave Clayton, author of Revival Starts Here

First Freedoms is the book every church leader should be fighting for and knows they need but has never had packaged like this. … Every ministry leader needs to work through this book°
Rachel Faulkner Brown, director of Be Still Ministries


A Guide to Discovering Your First Freedoms in Christ

Christians begin their first steps in Christ at the moment of conversion. From that moment on, they have access to freedoms that weren’t possible prior. But every disciple must understand those freedoms and learn how to walk in them, which requires practice.

In First Freedoms, Jennifer Barnett unpacks many “first freedoms” that Christians own but often don’t fully integrate into their relationship with God. First freedoms are fundamental tools in prayer that encourage a close, sincere, and ongoing relationship with God. Jennifer explains how to foster freedoms such as cultivating a powerful prayer life, abiding fully in God’s presence, healing emotional scars, battling the schemes of the enemy, and many others.

The goal? Drawing near to God through prayer to enable you to guard your heart with all diligence and grow in intimacy with him. Such wonderful freedoms were never available before putting your faith in Christ. But in Christ you can experience them. Cultivate a wholehearted prayer life and experience the joy and peace that come from walking freely in a meaningful relationship with God. Take your next steps toward God with First Freedoms.

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