New Testament Survey by Chad Harrington

If you sometimes find it difficult to read the New Testament because you lack the necessary background to read it in proper context.

You’re not alone.

It’s important to learn some background so we can honor the context in which God initially delivered his Word. The New Testament is the greatest set of documents every compiled, and it’s worth of our greatest devotion.

This class will help you learn the vital historical, cultural, and literary backgrounds to the New Testament so you can better read its documents in context.

Get a crash course on reading the New Testament in this free and instantly accessible online course.

This class will help you:

  • Understand how first-century Christians heard these texts
  • Get to know the authors of the New Testament
  • Learn about was the nature, substance, and purpose of the four Gospels
  • Dig into the biography and letters of Paul
  • Gain understanding about the General Epistles
  • Learn what’s required in order to interpret Revelation

Join Chad Harrington for this six week course.

0. Cultural Vertigo

Chad Harrington teaches a stand-alone class, which offers an introduction to his New Testament Survey class at Harpeth Christian Church. This session offers three cultural aspects of the first-century Mediterranean world to help readers better understand the New Testament.

1. New Testament Backgrounds

This class session starts with the centrality of Christ for New Testament interpretation, provides vital Old Testament background, and introduces the 27 books of the New Testament with important high-level background.

Download the class notes below and follow along.

Relevant Resources:

2. Survey of the Gospels

Understand vital backgrounds, plus the author, purpose, thrust, animal of historical association, and date range of writing for each of the four Gospels.

Download the class notes below and follow along.

Relevant Resources:

3. Acts and Paul’s Biography

This class session provides an introduction to Acts, along with an overview of Paul’s life and letters.

Download the PDF mention in this video “Paul’s Biography with Outline of Acts” and class notes below to follow along.

The original live footage for this class session was not captured due to a power outage. This recording is the abbreviated version of the course material.

Relevant Resources:

4. Pauline Epistles (Part 1): The First Six

This class is the first of two class sessions about Paul’s letters. These first six letters comprise the letters—also called epistles—during his first three missionary journeys, which are recorded in Acts.

Download the class notes below and follow along.

Relevant Resources:

5. Pauline Epistles (Part 2): Prison and Pastoral Epistles

This class session covers Paul’s prison and pastoral epistles, which were written while he was imprisoned in Caesarea and in Rome.

Download the class notes below and follow along.

Relevant Resources:

6. General Epistles, Hebrews, and Revelation

This class is Class 6 of 6 from a New Testament Survey class taught by Chad Harrington at Harpeth Christian Church in Franklin, Tennessee.

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