How do I get my Kindle book into my Kindle account?

HIM Publications sells Kindle-formatted books (in .mobi format), and you can add these resources directly to your Kindle application on a particular device. Make sure you have downloaded the Kindle reader app on your device before you download your Kindle book.

When you order a Kindle book from HIM Publications, you will get the link to download this book sent to you via email. Click on the hyperlinked title of the book to download directly to your device. Whatever the device, you will need a Kindle reader already installed in order to access your Kindle book.

Because we do not encrypt our digital books with DRM coding (Digital Rights Management), adding these to one device does not automatically sync with your Kindle app on other devices you own. You must complete the download process described above for each device because we do not sync our Kindle books with Kindle’s online DRM system and app. So if you download the book on your computer but you want it on your tablet or smartphone device (or both), you must also open the email on your other device(s) and download the resource directly to that device so you can read it natively from that device.


How do I subscribe to your podcast?

You will find instructions to listen to our podcast from our podcast page: www.himpublications.com/podcast


What do I get with membership?

See our membership page to learn about member benefits: www.himpublications.com/products/membership


Can I print material from free resources?

While we’re happy to offer free resources from the HIM Publications website for those who subscribe, we do not give permission for subscribers to print, distribute, photocopy, or transfer these resources to others. We’re delighted that you want to share our resources! Please send people directly to our website to download the resource for themselves. This helps everyone follow copyright laws.


There’s a problem with my order, so what do I do?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase from HIM Publications. If your purchase does not meet your expectations, please return it within 30 days for a 100% refund of the purchase price. This does not include shipping and handling charges. If your order is received damaged, defective, or not as you requested, please contact us via email at info@himpublications.com. We will send a replacement or credit your account according to your instructions. The address for return shipments is:

HIM Publications
3041 Bluffhollow Gap
Antioch, TN 37013