The Revolutionary Disciple Suite of Resources

A Teaching Series Through

The Revolutionary Disciple

by Jim Putman and Chad Harrington

A 6-Week Teaching Series Through Ephesians

We designed The Revolutionary Disciple book to be used by leaders for a church-wide teaching series campaign. Thus, we created a suite of resources that churches can license. This suite helps leaders:

  • Plan a 6-week discipleship sermon series through Ephesians around this book
  • Order bulk quantities at discounted rates
  • Download the free sermon series suite for your team

The Free Sermon Series Suite Includes:

  • An outline for a 6-week teaching series through Ephesians based on the outline of the book
  • 63 discussion questions for small groups
  • Teaching outlines for preaching and teaching
  • Branded presentation graphics for slideshows
  • Ready-to-use social media graphics

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How to Determine a Fit for Your Group

Step 1: Order a copy of the book here.

Step 2: Read the book (at least through Chapter 4 to get the book’s main premise).

Step 3: Order copies for your church on bulk discount.

How to Get Bulk-Order Discounts

  1. Add “organizational membership” to your cart here (year-long membership for $115).
  2. Add the book to your cart here and update the quantity for your order.
  3. Watch the following discounts update automatically, and proceed through checkout.
Quantity Discount
1–24 books 20%
25+ books 30%
50+ books 35%
100+ books 40%
250+ books 45%
500+ books 50%
1000+ books 55%
2000+ books 60%

You can make this series anywhere from five to twenty-two weeks, but the sweet spot for a church-wide campaign is a six-week series:In six weeks, your church or group can teach or preach through the major sections of this book (as outlined here). Then, plan your series in detail!

  • Week 1: Introduction
  • Week 2: Sphere 1 (Abiding in Christ)
  • Week 3: Sphere 2 (The Church)
  • Week 4: Sphere 3 (The Home)
  • Week 5: Sphere 4 (The World)
  • Week 6: Sphere 5 (The Spiritual Realm)

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The Revolutionary Disciple™ Sermon Series Marketing Kit

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  • Provide content to your church’s small group leaders to aid discussion outside of Sunday service.
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